Tips for Life after GCSEs… Higher Education and Employment

10 tips for life after school…

#Tip 1: Your brain is not a planner. Priorities are key for success after school. Know what you’re doing, when your deadlines are due and when to rest. Jot down important things to remember… so much goes on at college that you can’t afford to loose track. Be organised.


#Tip 2: Invest your time in your future. Universities look for ambitious applicants with admirable skills for the subject, work experience in the sector can help you develop skills that make stand out from other applicants. You’re developing necessary interpersonal, practical, critical thinking and time-management skills for a job that you are passionate about.


#Tip 3: Don’t overthink. Be brave to take some risks. Trying new activities on schemes like NCS The Challenge is a great way of meeting new people and develop into a quick-thinking young adult.


#Tip 4: Be willing to put some elbow grease into your first few jobs. In doing entry-level jobs especially in retail and admin,


#Tip 5: Make saving a habit. With ever-rising costs of living and university, now is the time to put your money into your future. Saving a just few pounds each week can go a long way… To get set for life as a millionaire, set up a savings account and watch your pounds turn into £££s.


#Tip 6: Get plugged in. Maximise your opportunities by making connections across social media: Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest… etc. Develop meaningful contacts. Reflect on their actions and ideas, ask questions and make your move.


#Tip 7: Create your digital identity. In a world of social media, employers are often interested in seeing your digital footprint before hiring you. Make your footprint professional, personal and focused on your career.


#Tip 8: Develop your unique style. Regardless of the subject, college and university is all about develop your unique skills that make you stand out. In a world of endless talents, how well you sell your unique skill determines whether you’re hired or ignored…


#Tip 9: Sell yourself. In personal statements, CVs and covering letters, you want employers to realise your impressive skills and how they prepare you for the job... so draw them into it….

  • Sell the skill THEN when you developed it.
    • My networking skills have heightened from liaising with customers via telephone and handling complaints issues.


#Tip 9: Know your facts; research your university. Choosing your university is such a crucial decision. On paper, the university might seem great. In reality though, the lecture theatre, contact hours and halls of residence might be appalling. To avoid ending up at a university that makes you feel uncomfortable, go to an open day. Ask questions.


#Tip 10: Be confident! Enjoy the journey with all of its twists and turns :). Now’s the time to pursue your interests and reach your goal… Exciting! Remember, life’s full of learning curves  – these aren’t bad! Learning from your mistakes is a great platform for you to develop further.


Make your every step count towards your goal!


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