Top quality GCSE resource packs

For top more great tips on how to excel in English Language and Literature, look no further than our very own teaching resources: tailored revision booklets, lessons, homework and writing frames across English topics, all for your progress.

Compact with a complete overview of the exam structure, assessment expectations and model essays, check out the following revision packs.

Differentiated by topic, each revision pack gives you easy tips on how you can manage your time so you can plan and write the quality answers under exam pressure.

Do this at school, in the park, at home, wherever! You’re free to become just like Sherlock, unlocking just how writers influence us through language!


All you need for top marks in…

English Language, Paper 1, Reading Section: How to Analyse Descriptive Texts

English Language Paper 1, Writing Section: How to Write Effective Descriptive Texts Revision Pack 


English Language Paper 2, Reading Section: How to Analyse Persuasive Texts


English Language Paper 2, Writing Section: How to Write Persuasively Revision Pack  


English Literature Paper 1: How to Analyse Shakespearian plays and 19th Century Novels 

English Literature Paper 2: How to Analyse Poetry through the Ages


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