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With the intensity of learning endless quotes from poetry, Shakespeare, 19th-Century novels while learning to write creatively and analyse modern texts, making our lessons stimulating for pupils is crucial.

Here are some ways that can stimulate your pupils’ interest to critically explore their texts and argue their views…

  1. Quizzes
    • Use quotation tests: Ask pupils a question that must be replied with a quotation from the text.
      • E.g. Question: What caused “every child” to “cry” in Blake’s London? Answer: “chartered streets”.
      • E.g. Question: When does Dickens condemn the impoverishment of the poor in Victorian England? Answer: “my coarse hands and common boots”.
        • This improves their ability to recall, embed and analyse quotations (AO1/AO2)
    • Quiz pupils on the facts of the play
      • E.g. In what weather do the witches arrive?
      • E.g. Does Tennyson or Owens reveal that conflict leads to bravery?
        • This improves their ability to recall, embed and analyse quotations (AO1/AO2)
    • Quiz pupils’ subject knowledge
      • E.g. What is pathetic fallacy?
      • E.g. What can caesura suggest about people’s mental state?
      • E.g. How far is a metaphor a form of exaggeration?
        • This improves their ability analyse the effects of language and structure (AO2)
  2. Spelling Tests
    • Set weekly spellings for you class to revise
      • Choose challenging words and phrase: genuine, regicide, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Divine Right of Kings
        • This improves their literacy skills of spelling ambitious vocabulary correctly in their answers (AO4)
  3. Create class discussions/debates that develop their ambitious vocabulary
    • Q: In Remains, how far might the soldier’s “tremble[ing]” hand by a sign of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
    • Q: To what extent did the Divine Right of Kings put Macbeth off from committing regicide?
      • This improves their ability to consider wider social issues and develop alternative interpretations (AO3)



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