How to Analyse Language in Shakespeare’s Play #AMidsummerNight’sDream #AQA

In your exams, from KS3 to GCSE, you're expected to analyse the ways in which writers use language, structure and form in order to create certain effects on the readers: whether that's based on the way a character's portrayed or a theme.   Having read a text or watched something (whether that's in a novel,... Continue Reading →


Using sophisticated vocabulary for clarity in Language and Literature #AQA

Perhaps the most underrated skill in and beyond your exams is your written expression: to be clear and understandable while using sophisticated vocabulary. Now, this might seem tricky... Let me show you just how easily you can do this... ##QUESTION I use long words to sound more sophisticated but I keep getting told that my answers are confusing and difficult to follow.... Continue Reading →

How to use varied sentences lengths for effect!

Your descriptive and narrative writing are all about creating a gripping plot, full of unpredictable twists and turns. Using varied sentence lengths - some long some short - create an unpredictable tone. Longer sentences slow down the writing with endless detail that creates a calm and peaceful pace. Gradually, you feel calmed into the peaceful atmosphere. With no fear... Continue Reading →

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